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A Brief Overview Of CT Scanners, PET Scanners, Gamma Cameras And Other Equipment Used In Nuclear Medicine

4Nuclear medicine includes a number of important tools for medical imaging including CT scanners, PET scanners and gammas cameras that help doctors in the diagnosis of a number of serious diseases. The best thing about such imaging equipment is that they represent truly non-invasive ways for doctors to get a detailed look inside their patients’ bodies. Because of this, doctors can often find diseases earlier and spot problems in their earliest stages, when the patient will benefit most from treatment. Uses Of A CT Scanner and Gamma Camera, check it out.

Early detection is vital for treating diseases like cancers, brain tumors, stroke, kidney disease and thyroid and other endocrine disorders. PET scanners, CT scanners and gammas cameras have all been instrumental in the early detection and subsequent successful treatment of many of these diseases.

The way this kind of imaging equipment works is through the doctor’s introduction of a chemical called a radio-tracer that is slightly radioactive into the patient’s body in any number of ways, be it intravenously, by ingestion or even inhalation, that gathers in the organ system that is being examined. The radio-tracer chemical gives off what is called a ‘gamma ray signal’ that can be tracked by a gamma camera in the CT Scanner, producing a startlingly accurate image of the internal organ or body system that the doctor is examining. Not only can PET scans and CT scans produce reliable images of patients’ internal organs, by producing these images in real time, they can give the doctors an idea of how the organ is in fact functioning and other clues as to why the patient is suffering from their symptoms.

Being able to find cancer and other serious diseases at one time meant exploratory surgeries and other invasive means, but these days it is being done in many different ways with gammas cameras. Doctors are able to use gamma cameras and other imaging equipment to produce images of such high detail that doctors can identify tumors without having to open the patient up. The substance that the doctor chooses to use as the radioactive tracking substance will react with the tissues of the organ in such a way that the doctor can often determine important information about the cancer from that reaction and make important treatment decisions early as a result. This allows doctors to put the best treatment schedule into place immediately after the diagnosis.

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