Avoid Death By Sitting: Here’s How You Can Move More At Work!


Engaging in regular physical activity is important for various reasons. Studies have shown that people who fail to become active on a regular basis have a higher probability of becoming diabetic, developing cardiovascular disease, and evening dying. How can you avoid an early death due to being sedentary? There are many ways to accomplish this goal, even if your job requires you to sit down for a majority of the day. Here are some tips for sitting less and moving your body more to promote good health:

Walk during appointments

You may feel silly at first, but after you have walked during appointments at work a few times, you will realize how great it can be. The clients or business partners with whom you have appointments with might find your walking strange, but if you quickly explain why you choose to move during your appointment, most people will understand.

Take regular breaks

If your job keeps you tied to your desk all day, you can still figure out a plan to move regularly. By getting up from your desk every hour for five or ten minutes, you can get your blood flowing and your heart pumping, preventing yourself from dying early.

Use your lunch break to walk

If you are entitled to a hour-long lunch break each day, then that gives you ample time to eat a quick bite and and then utilize the rest of your time in order to get moving. If the weather is nice outside, you can choose to walk around the building, in the parking lot or on a walking trail, if one is nearby.

Place exercise equipment inside of your office

If your office is large enough to accommodate it, you might want to place one or two pieces of exercise equipment in it. There are plenty of tasks that you can do while walking on a treadmill, depending on your job. At the very least, you could invest in a piece of equipment that enables you to exercise your legs under your desk while working.

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