Facts About The Measles

Measles is a highly contagious disease caused by a virus. Since the virus travels airborne, one can easily get infected, especially if exposed to a room where the virus lurks. Because of the virus’ ability to travel through a sneeze, cough or just mere talking, it is one disease that is rampant everywhere in the world.

Common Symptoms

Within 10 to 12 days after being infected, the symptoms start to appear which are varied. It can start as a simple running nose that later is accompanied by a cough, fever, diarrhea, body rash and watery eyes. Sometimes the virus can cause ear aches in the person infected. Some patients may show later symptoms which may be after 21 days from infection.

The virus is mostly contagious between four days before body rashes appear to four days post rash symptom. If the symptoms are not diagnosed in advance and the patient treated, the virus can trigger deadlier symptoms like severe diarrhea, brain inflammation and infection in the middle ear, pneumonia and in worst cases, death.

Does It Have A Cure?

Luckily, one can be vaccinated against the virus to prevent infection. A homeopathic vaccine known as MMR is administered with a cocktail of other drugs for vaccinating against rubella and mumps. People born on and after 1957 should be vaccinated with one dose minimum of the MMR vaccine. They should then receive documentation that they have been vaccinated against the virus. College students, people travelling internationally, and health practitioners are also at risk of getting measles thus should be vaccinated in advance.

The MMR vaccine is quite effective and safe for use. Only few people register reactions to the vaccine, but these are minor reactions like swelling, redness on skin or slight fever which clears away. More facts about the measles side effects are pain and body stiffness in adult women, but this is because of the cocktail drug which contains rubella as well.

Measles is highly preventable using MMR vaccine. Infection is highly contagious and people who travel to neighboring countries should be vaccinated prior to their departure.

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6 responses to “Facts About The Measles

  1. Reblogged this on The GingerNut Lifestyle and commented:
    Please read this. It is SO important. Vaccinate your children. You’ll not only save them, but other children too. Herd immunity people!

  2. This is a very complicated issue and difficult to cover from all perspectives in a short blog, but you represented the side favoring vaccination in a clear and concise manner. I have great respect for any doctor attempting to provide the best care possible for their patients. If you would like to see another perspective you might want to view an article called, “The Unspoken Benefits To Childhood Diseases” at:

    • While we DO advocate vaccinations, we also do respect individuals’ choice on the matter. It is a touchy subject on both sides; though, we believe that vaccinations DO help in preventing widespread diseases and infections, iver-vaccinating for profit is also a thing, and we need to find a balance.

  3. This proves that professionals with overlapping opinions can be respectful of each other and continue to maintain open communication about controversial subjects with the purpose of providing the best possible care for our individual patients. I agree with you that finding a balance is important.

  4. Please accept my apology, I have a request and had no other way to contact you. I have started a petition with CNN. All it requests is honest reporting by the top doctors and research scientists in the health care field in a forum setting to clearly state unbiased information based on credible research (peer reviewed journals etc…) to the general public. Your support (by signing the petition) would further prove to the public that doctors with overlapping opinions are truly seeking the best unbiased information to provide optimal care to them. I have attached the address below. If you feel comfortable with the petition, I would appreciate your signature. Thank you for taking your time to review it.

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