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Health Screening Schedules and Recommendations for Men 18-39

170083396Visits to the doctor should not be limited to the times when you are feeling unwell. Even if you feel fine, there could be an issue developing that you are not aware of. There are lots of diseases that don’t have noticeable symptoms until they are at an advanced stage and difficult to cure. Vigilance will enable you to catch them at an early stage for quick resolution. This is important at any age so even men in their prime between 18 and 39 years of age should consider it.

Blood Pressure Screening

Most people will be adequately covered by a blood pressure screening every two years. However, those who have a history of high readings or a chronic ailment should get theirs checked at least one every year. Look around for this service around your area so that you can drop by when it’s convenient. There are plenty of establishments offering this including pharmacies and other stores if you can’t go to a clinic. The nurse will give some advice after taking your vitals. A BP greater than 140/90 is unusually high and warrants an appointment with a doctor.

Cholesterol Screening

Heart diseases are responsible for millions of deaths every year. Be sure to prevent their development by getting screened for signs like cholesterol level at least once every five years, especially if you are a male above 34 years old. People who have diabetes have more difficulty controlling their cholesterol so they should get screen regularly from the age of 20. Kidney ailments and heart conditions may prompt your doctor to recommend more frequent tests. Ask their advice on when to get health screenings.

Diabetes Screening

Type 2 or adult-onset diabetes can happen to anyone, especially those who have a sedentary lifestyle and a high body mass index (BMI). Check your weight and height. Input these two variables in an online calculator to learn about your BMI. Individuals who exceed 25 are considered obese and have a high risk of developing diabetes. Get screened right away if you haven’t done so already.

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