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Living With One Kidney: What It’s Like


There are three main reasons why you may be living with in kidney. One, your kidney may have been removed for medical reasons. For example, the kidney was affected by cancer and to avoid spread of the disease, it was removed. Secondly, you may have donated a kidney to a person whose kidneys were failing him or her. The third reason may be that you were born with just a single kidney or that you have two kidneys but one does not function. However, people live healthily with on kidney for a long period of time. Here are tips for living with one kidney.

One, it is advisable to get regular checkups to ensure that your kidney is functioning well. This will give the doctors the chance to discover things that may affect your kidney long before they happen and therefore you may avert serious illnesses. Secondly, you should ensure that your body stays hydrated all the times. Eat a healthy and balanced diet and engage in regular exercise for a healthy life. In addition, you need to regularly check your blood pressure. Living with one kidney increases the risk of blood pressure and therefore regular checkups will ensure that the condition is kept in check early enough if it is discovered.

For blood pressure medication, your doctor needs to know that you only have one kidney since some medications are friendlier to kidneys than others. Your participation is sports and games that are potentially dangerous should be limited. Always consult with your doctor before you engage in such sports. Since you only have one kidney, you should aim at protecting it at all times. Injury to this kidney may have devastating effect on your health. Therefore you should be very careful about what you engage yourself in. Your diet should not consist of too much protein. This is because you are susceptible to proteinuria and therefore you need to keep your protein intake in check.

You should also monitor your Glomerular Filtration Rate. This gives you an idea of the performance of your kidney in the removal of waste products from your blood. It also gives an idea of when the kidney has any disease or is developing one. You will therefore be at a position to take precautions to avoid worsening the disease or to avert its occurrence. Living with one kidney requires a lot of precaution in order to lead a normal and healthy life. Maintaining proper health, exercising regularly and getting regular checkups should be your routine. To learn more about leading a healthy and prosperous life, kindly follow us.