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Signs And Symptoms Of A Hernia

When weaknesses develop along the abdominal wall, abnormal bulges can develop as organs push through. This could also occur at other areas of the body such as the groin, the belly button, and surgical scars. The risk of having this condition is directly proportional to age. It has been observed that men tend to get it more than women. Aside from the bulge, other symptoms of a hernia include:


The region where organs are squeezing themselves into the weaken muscle wall is bound to feel pain. These walls are there to keep everything intact inside the body. Pressure at the weak points can cause the organs to spill over and damage the tissues even further. The pain can be more pronounced with sudden movements such as jumping or running. Lifting heavy objects and straining can also trigger pain in the herniated region.


Those who are suffering from this condition may also feel lightheaded. Blood circulation and organ function may be affected by this mechanical defect leading to nausea. This is particularly common when the problem is located around the stomach area.


In some cases, the nausea comes with vomiting. The body may have a hard time digesting food and the physical stress could upset the stomach, forcing everything back up. This can be extremely worrying incident. Call the doctor if it happens more than once and you suspect that hernia is the cause.


If the issue is happening at the upper part of the stomach, then there is a great risk for acid reflux symptoms to occur. The acid inside the stomach may go up the esophagus causing heartburn which can be very uncomfortable. This can make mealtime a challenging ordeal. Patients must not lie down right away after eating to allow the food to travel down past the herniated area.


Since the muscle walls are irritated, the surrounding tissues can swell until the problem is corrected. Surgery is commonly advised to move the organs back in their proper place and close the hole on the wall.

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