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Running For Your Health In 2014


Welcome To A Healthy 2014!

In order to kick this year off on a healthy foot — so to speak — we are encouraging everyone to take extra strides this year in keeping themselves healthy, fit, and nutrition-conscious. Starting off the year right can give you the power boost you need to stick to your healthy resolutions and continue them throughout the new year.

We know, it can be hard to stick to that New Year’s Resolution, with as many as 90% of those who make a resolution failing to keep it for the entire year. There is one way to help yourself stick to your goals throughout the year, simply set a goal for yourself later in the year, that you can work towards in the meantime. That goal will help you to keep your eyes forward, instead of in-place, and will keep you powering on until that goal arrives.

This year’s suggested goal: is the New Jersey State Triathlon.

The New Jersey State Triathlon 2014

This years triathlon has been announced, and makes the perfect goal for those that want to concentrate on their health in the new year. This event — taking place on the dates of 7.19.14 & 7.20.14, is the perfect goal for you to strive toward. This is not an iron-man race, where only the toughest of athletes survive, there include options for walking the course, and is more about getting together for a healthy exercise, than about competition.

Preparing for this summer triathlon will help you to keep small goals throughout the spring as you train for the event. Every little baby step you take brings you closer to your event goal, and you are reaping the health benefits every day that you train for the event.

Find A Healthy You In 2014

Join The 2014 New Jersey State Triathlon!

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