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The Connection Between Dental Health And Heart Disease

Here at ScannerDoc we understand the importance of seeing the connection between two medical issues. Your body is a full system, and if you’re seeing a problem in one section of the body, chances are there are issues happening elsewhere, as well. Sometimes you’d never guess how one thing can affect another, such as the well established connection between dental health and heart disease.

While it’s hard to figure out a 100% bit of proof on causation, the correlation has come up so often that it is generally accepted that the two are connected in some way, shape, and form. People with extremely bad dental health also consistently are at a much higher risk for heart disease.

A large number of people suffering from heart disease happen to have bad dental health, as well, especially with gum disease and overall oral health. There are several possible causes, including potential causes that we don’t fully understand yet. There could be a cause X that hurts heart health and dental health. There are also theories that gum disease allows infections to enter the blood easily, as well as the fact that truly terrible diets with high sugar are likely to lead to bad dental work, obesity, and suggest a lack of care of one’s own body.

There is also a strong possibility that all of these factors are connected in some way, shape, or form. Swollen and bleeding gums are a serious sign of gum disease, and going with slight changes in diet and taking care of your teeth and gums to keep your mouth clean and healthy can go a very long way towards giving yourself the best chance to keep your heart healthy and live a better quality of life.

There are a few clear signs to look for:
– Is your breath chronically bad?
– Gums that bleed any time you brush or floss
– Loose teeth that are separating from each other
– Red and tender gums

If you see these signs, it’s time to see a dentist and improve your treatment.

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