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Do You Know The 10 Worst Food For Teeth? Find Out!

People often develop serious dental problems when they eat certain types of food or beverages. These items can cause your teeth to develop cavities, turn yellow, fall out or become more sensitive. It is best to avoid them or at least promptly brush your teeth.

Dried Fruit

1. Most dried prunes, dates, figs, pineapples and other fruits contain substantial amounts of sugar that can trigger cavities. Small pieces often stick to teeth as well. However, they do offer some nutritional benefits like fiber and various vitamins.

Lemons & Limes

2. Two of the most acidic fruits include limes and lemons. If you consume them frequently, they can quickly cause tooth enamel to deteriorate and discolor. It is less harmful to mix the juice into a drink or a food, such as guacamole.


3. Most sodas contain high amounts of sugar or extremely sweet corn syrup. This triggers significant damage on its own. Many brands also add harmful acids that cause additional tooth decay and promote bacteria growth in your mouth.

Sports Drinks

4. Although people often consider them to be slightly healthier, sports beverages have a high acid content that can cause even more harm to your teeth than soda. To make matters worse, these products supply considerable amounts of sugar as well.

Energy Drinks

5. Energy drinks are nearly as damaging to your teeth, as well. Dental problems develop due to their acid and sugar content. If you need more energy, it is safer to eat a high-protein food. For example, consider making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on wheat bread.


6. It seems counter-intuitive that something wet would dry out your mouth, but this happens with most alcoholic beverages. Dryness promotes bacteria growth and allows more plaque to form on your teeth. Be sure to drink water and use a toothbrush after visiting the bar.


7. Kombucha is a sweet-tasting tea made with yeast cultures. It is more acidic than many beverages and fruits. Despite some claims about kombucha’s health benefits, regular consumption has the potential to generate cavities and aid bacteria.

Sour Candy

8. While they might seem less harmful than sweets, most sour candies deliver equivalent amounts of sugar. They are actually more dangerous because they tend to contain citric acid as well. These substances stick to your teeth and cause them to decay.

Illness May Cause Problems

9. Any food or drink that you throw up will be extremely acidic. Vomiting brings about major tooth damage, so it is important to avoid behaviors and illnesses that cause it. Remember to obtain a flu vaccine, avoid heavy drinking, and cook meals thoroughly.


10. It is not really a food, but many people chew on ice. The combination of a hard material and extreme cold can damage fillings and break teeth. Always discard leftover ice or wait for cubes to fully melt before drinking them.

By taking precautions with regard to these foods and drinks, you can avoid unnecessary trips to the dentist. Your teeth may also feel better and you could enjoy an improvement in overall health that will last for many years to come.