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Signs That You May Have An Addictive Personality

The term addictive personality can describe billions of people in the world. The reason that the term is so versatile is that it can have many subdivisions. A person can have an addictive personality that responds to one item and does not respond to another item. The following is some information on addictive personalities and how someone can tell if he or she has one.

What Is an Addictive Personality?

An addictive personality is a type of personality that causes a person to develop habits too quickly. Some habits such as cleaning and reading are healthy. Other habits are extremely unhealthy. Unhealthy habits that a person may develop are habits such as drug addiction, alcohol addiction, sex addiction, gambling addiction, Internet addiction and unhealthy relationship addiction. An unhealthy habit or addiction can cause the person to lose friends, family members, loved ones and health components. An unhealthy addiction can cause a person to die in an extreme case.

How to Tell if You Have an Addictive Personality

It may be difficult for a person to tell that he or has an addictive personality. Some signs and symptoms can help a person to see a clear picture of such a personality.

Signs of an addictive personality include:

  • Strong need to do something repeatedly
  • Impulsiveness
  • Extreme need for instant gratification
  • Addictive person gets a rush from certain activities
  • Stress when the activity is not repeated
  • The habit or activity becomes the person’s main priority
  • Finances and relationships suffer because of habits and activities

A person may want to schedule an appointment with a psychotherapist if he or she believes that an addictive personality exists. The specialist can conduct an intake and perform testing to see if the individual shows enough symptoms and signs to qualify. The specialist can then help the person to develop a recovery plan and work with that person to improve addictive behaviors.

The key to solving addictive behavioral problems is getting to their root. An experienced specialist can help an affected person to find that root, which may be found in genetics, childhood experiences or the person’s current environment.