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All Natural Treatments For Chest Congestion


Chest congestion is something that we have all experienced during a bout with the flu, bronchitis or other illnesses, but what exactly is it? Chest congestion is the inflammation of the lung lining and in some cases a full infection of the upper respiratory system. Its telltale sign is a buildup of mucus and fluid in the lung that causes excessive coughing in the body’s attempt to rid the lung cavity of these fluids.

Treating Chest Congestion

There are plenty of over the counter medicines, expectorants, and treatments available for the treatment of chest congestion at your local pharmacy or drugstore, and while these medicines are best in treating moderate to severe chest congestion, there are many individuals out there that want to know what natural treatments are available for helping with mild chest congestion. Below are some of our favorite natural treatments for chest congestion.

Onion and Honey Chest Congestion Treatment

Onion has natural anti-inflammatory properties which can aid in the lessening of inflammation of the lungs — resulting in less mucus being produced, and a shorter duration of chest congestion. The old “farmers’ secret” for treating chest congestion with onion is to slice onions into rings — just like slicing onions for making fried onion rings — and soaking the rings in raw honey. After the onion rings have been soaked overnight, you simply eat the onion rings.

Salt Water Gargle for Chest Congestion Treatment

This is a quick and effective treatment for chest congestion that will help to dislodge the mucus that has built up on the lining of the lungs. Simply bring water to a boil and add salt in fairly hefty amounts — the ratio should be 1 cup of water to 2 Tablespoons of salt. The water should be very salty like seawater. Let the water/salt mixture cool until lukewarm and a safe temperature, and simply gargle with the saltwater for 20-30 seconds. This process can be repeated 4-5 times a day as needed.

Bay Leaf Chest Congestion Treatment

While it is sort of an old wives’ tale that chicken soup helps to treat cases of cold and flu, chicken soup does actually contain one ingredient that is beneficial in treating a multitude of health ailments: Bay Leaf. All you have to do is to make a tea from bay leaves and sip it to get powerful chest congestion treatment. While it really helps to relieve chest congestion, try limiting yourself to one cup per day, as too much bay leaf can give you an upset stomach.

Black Coffee Chest Congestion Treatment

Drinking black coffee to relieve chest congestion works on two fronts: first, breathing in the steam from the coffee can aid in breaking up mucus in the lungs and esophagus. Also, coffee — and caffeine — can act as an expectorant, just like is found in over-the-counter medicines. This will aid in shortness of breath and acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Above are just a few of the more popular natural chest congestion treatments that are out there, but there are plenty more available. It is important to use these only for mild cases of chest congestion, and to remember that sever chest congestion can easily lead to severe bronchitis or pneumonia which can be fatal. Check with your doctor on these natural treatments and whether or not you need antibiotics or stronger treatments.